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Undead Indeed Live

Live 2CD, limited edition, 2008 Kingfoo Entertainment
01. Crows Fly Black 01. Follow Me Into Madness
02. Traitor 02. Before The Skies Come Down
03. Pyre Of Gods 03. Ashes To The Stars
04. Wings Of Darkness 04. Undead Son
05. Back In The Fire 05. You
06. Tides 06. Crawlspace
07. Bleeding Dust 07. Guitar solo
08. Veteran Of The Psychic Wars 08. Rider Of The Last Day
09. Angels Of Pain 09. I Rule
10. Warhead 10. Guardian Angel (Bonus track)
  10. Things That Crawl At Night (Bonus track)

Release Details:

2CD, June 11, 2008, King Foo Entertainment KFCD-015
Produced by Tuomo Leskinen for Warhead Productions
Music mixed by Mikko Tegelman and Janne Tolsa at Studiosound and NoteOn Studios
All music mastered by Janne Tolsa and Mika Jussila at Finnvox Studios
Recorded at Rupla in Kuopio, Finland 2007.
(Bonus tracks recorded at Kuopio Icehall, January 2008 as a part of Heavy Metal On Ice event.)
Marco Hietala: vocals, bass
Zachary Hietala: guitars
Janne Tolsa: keyboards
Pecu Cinnari: drums
Tommi Salmela: lead vocals & sampler