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To Live Again

Live CD (1994), Re-mixed & re-mastered in 2006 Blastic Heaven
01. Children Of The Grave
02. Live Hard Die Hard
03. Iron Stars
04. No Return
05. Tears Of Steel
06. Breathing Fire
07. Midwinter Nights
08. Wings Of Darkness
09. Rose On The Grave
10. Things That Crawl At Night
11. Dancing On The Wire
12. Lady Deceiver
13. The Colour Of Your Blood
14. The Chosen
15. Kill The King
16. Do You Wanna Live Forever

Release Details:

CD November 23, 1994, Zero Corporation XRCN-1199
Produced by Mikko Tegelman
Released by Zero Corporation (only in Japan)
Recorded at Tavastia Club in Helsinki on August 3rd 1994
Marco Hietala: vocals, bass
Zachary Hietala: guitars
Janne Tolsa: keyboards
Pecu Cinnari: drums