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  1. There are two "sections". The Finnish section and the English section.
    If you don't understand Finnish then write to the English board. On the English board write ONLY in ENGLISH.

  2. Don't post any copyrighted material unless you own the copyright.

  3. This is not a chat! If you have a feeling to chat use somekind of a chat program like MSN, ICQ or IRC.

  4. Keep a good taste in your posts:

    • Try to write with good grammar.

    • If you create topics, give them always descriptive and informative subjects of the topic's content.

    • Yelling looks stupid, so don't keep your "Caps Lock" on all the time.

    • If you want to create link, the easiest way is to use the "URL" function.
      NOTE: The "URL" function is required and obligatory for longer links.

  5. When you register, it's recommended that you type in something related to you or Tarot to your profile information's SIGNATURE or INTERESTS fields in order for the maintenance to recognize that you are a real person (in other words not a spam bot).

  6. DO NOT add pictures straight to the board's topics or include them in your signature!

  7. If you have something to ask, use the "search" if someone has already asked this question. You should use the "search" option whenever you want to start a topic, so we don't get multiple topics about the same thing. And when you answer to someone, please use the "quote" function. And use the "preview" so if something looks a bit weird you can edit it to look right.

  8. The Moderators are the Law! Obey us, resistance is futile! ;)

- Moderating Team

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